: Northstar 97 sls was hard 2 start--now no start

07-01-04, 10:24 PM
Hi all,

I am new to this forum--please help. I have a 97 SLS. I just had the engine rebuilt. It always had a hard start to it. Now, after the rebuilt engine is in, it just would cut off on me while driving. I'd start it up right away, but--I knew something was wrong. I thought it was the type of gas I was putting in, so I started putting in Shell and Texaco. It worked a little better, then the same thing again.

Today it wouldn't start at all. It's not the battery. My radio and lights come on fine. What could it be? I am a lady and I already think I paid 2 much for the rebuilt engine, so can I have some advice before I take it 2 the local mechanic shop. You can email me or post. Thanks so much. :p

MY CADDY is driving me BATTY! :crying:

07-02-04, 11:37 PM
There are a wide variety of things that could be wrong especially given the wild card that the engine was "rebuilt".....

Does it crank when you turn the key or just do nothing???

Often a hard starting problem (when the engine cranks but does not want to run) and be traced to a fuel pressure regulator (FPR) that is leaking internally. Easy to check by pulling the vacuum line off the FPR when the engine is idling to see if any fuel comes out the vacuum nipple on the FPR.

If yours is simply not cranking it could be the starter...???

If it is now cranking over but just not starting to run it would likely be a fuel pressure problem and that would make one think of a fuel pump.

The FIRST thing I would want done is to check the fuel pressure while cranking (assuming it is turning over and spinning and just not starting). Easy to do in 5 minits with a fuel pressure gauge screwed onto the schraeder valve fitting on the fuel rail at the fuel rail inlet.

07-04-04, 09:32 AM
Thanks so much for the advice! Mysteriously, my caddy did start the next day, thank the Lord.

It still cuts off while I'm driving, but it still starts right back up after restarting in nuetral--- so....I am going to get that fuel pressure gauge, and check out the
FPR. I never heard of FPR so I am so glad that you hipped me to it.

I thought I wasn't going to get one post, but you came through Bob, and I really am happy for it. :p

I will keep you posted after I put your advice into action.

By the way--what's up with the "Service Engine Soon" light that stays on no matter what you do?

Caddy gal

07-04-04, 12:13 PM
The "Service Engine Soon" light is on because a fault was detected. If the light is on a DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) has been set that will tell you/us what the problem is. Simultaneously press and hold the OFF and PASSENGER WARMER buttons to enter diagnostics. Release them when the DIC (digital instrument cluster) lights up all segments as a segment check. Then write down the DTC's as they appear on the bottom of the DIC. After they have been displayed it will ask PCM? At that point you can answer YES with the HI FAN button. Then answer NO with the LOW FAN button to the next prompts til you get to CLEAR PCM CODES? Then obviously answer YES. That will turn off the SES light unless the fault reappears (likely untill it is repaired). Post the codes here and someone will be able to help. The codes will be listed as CURRENT or HISTORY.