: Cadillac Knights of Arizona

02-01-09, 11:29 AM
Anyone in the Arizona area looking to have a Cadillac meet, please drop me a line... If it ain't a Cadillac it ain't my car!!!

02-18-09, 02:43 AM
Where my Cadillac people at????

02-18-09, 01:57 PM
what part of AZ you in, I would love to connect with other cadillac junkies, I am in the east valley (chandler)

02-19-09, 01:18 AM

02-22-09, 04:06 PM
I'm in Laveen. We need to set up a meet for all Cadillac junkies in the area.

02-22-09, 06:33 PM
someone say when i we can all go grab a drink

02-25-09, 07:51 PM
I'd be up for a cadillac meet up in AZ, I'm there all the time. I'm usually on the West Side though. How about the Pavillions? it's a good half way meeting point for almost anyone. There are a bunch of cars out there every Sat night anyways...

03-06-09, 03:48 AM
Lets set up something for this month like meet up cruse to a couple good bars around town.

03-06-09, 12:08 PM
works for me....it seems that there are alot of AZ owners who dont watch this section so it might be worthwhile to draw attention in a few other sections.

04-10-09, 02:31 PM
I am down as well

04-11-09, 06:40 AM
when i get there in Feb 2010, I would like to meet up with you guys...I will be living in Tucson

04-15-09, 01:39 AM
Everyone needs to stay posted on the forum so we can all plan to meet up. All Az Cadimen add me to your friend list so I can contact you.

04-21-09, 04:07 AM
Im in Flagstaff but am in phoenix a few times a month with my 1999 Cadillac DeVille and would love to meet up with you guys for a cruz, only 17 so cant go to bars but dinner would be nice.

Can also DD if need be lol :thumbsup: :stirpot:

Maybe we should make a thread in one of the more "main stream" sub forums to get it more views, I will put a link to the thread in my signature as well.

04-28-09, 08:43 PM
sounds good send me a message when you guys are ready.

06-08-09, 03:33 AM
local az here...west side phoenix...just got me cad yesterday

06-26-09, 12:22 PM
Anyone have a idea of a good place to set up a meet. Centrally located for everyone.

06-26-09, 08:12 PM
I would say the Pavillions everyone knows where that is.:blurock: lets rally the troops :mob::nanaparty:

08-14-09, 10:45 PM
Well fellas looks like we just need to get out here so I will be at the Pavillions this Saturday at least 3 lacs deep hope to make it more, lets rep fellaz!!!

09-13-09, 09:19 PM
Pavilions next Saturday the 19th If anyone is interested in a meet. There are not too many Caddys out there, so lets get out there!!!

10-04-09, 11:50 AM
Im local and down for the occasional meet, I live in the west valley (Litchfield Park area ) how was the turn-out last meet ? anybody show ?

10-16-09, 01:32 AM
Me and another Cadiman were at the Pavilions got there late so I don't know if anyone else showed early, there is also a spot to meet at on Friday nights on the west 91st ave and Northern. Im going to try to make it this Friday and maybe the following friday, give me a shout if you are trying to go also.

11-09-09, 10:23 PM
Totally didn't even remember about this thread, I would be up for meeting up. Right now I can only bring the 01dts out, the 68 is undergoing a motor swap but should be done this weekend hopefully. There is a large meet at 83rd ave and Lake Pleasant parkway every Saturday evening. I'm usually in that area but maybe i can head out to another area...

01-14-10, 11:53 AM
Im new to the forums but Im in AZ. Im in phx but close to Laveen. 67th ave & Broadway. Lets meet up

01-17-10, 06:10 PM
I just bought a little Cadillac. Does it qualify?

01-18-10, 03:27 PM
I just bought a little Cadillac. Does it qualify?

a caddy is a caddy...always welcome

01-19-10, 11:12 PM
all we ride is LACCS around HERE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

02-12-10, 05:03 PM
Hey guys,

Happy to see a lot of people from AZ here. :D just aside, do you guys know a good mechanic shop for cadi in valley? For my 99 Seville w/o warranty, dealership is too expensive, I am looking for a good mechanic shop, with fair prices.

Thanks guys

02-13-10, 10:26 AM
The cadi shop is the place to go, they specialize in Cadillacs but they'll work on other GM vehicles too. I'm getting my suspension work done there. Its on the NorthEast corner of 28th ave & Cactus, Here is the address. Go talk to Jeen.

2818 West Cactus Road
Phoenix, AZ 85029-3347
(602) 843-2234

03-20-10, 12:58 AM
Wow I have not been on th forums for a while good to see more Cadillac heads in my area. Hit me up so we can get a big Az Cadillac meet planned in the future. cadillacknights@gmail.com

04-02-10, 04:03 PM
im down for some kind of Caddy get together...i am down in Tucson

04-17-10, 02:07 AM
Last Saturday of the month at the Pavilions. If anyone is down, just show up.

04-17-10, 11:03 PM
Should we pick an approximate time and a row to try to meet at? I am thinking the row just north of the Vettes and Car clubs on the far west side of the lot.

I can make any time on 4/24 work but the earlier the better if we want to try to get parking together or close.

04-18-10, 12:32 PM
where are the pavilions? city/town?

04-19-10, 11:47 PM
Scottsdale on the Indian Reservation. 101 and Indian Bend Road. Here is a link. http://www.rockandrollcarshow.com/

04-21-10, 01:58 AM
Im looking to try to arrive at about 5 or 6. hows that sound

04-22-10, 12:59 AM
Im looking to try to arrive at about 5 or 6. hows that sound
I will shoot for 5 PM. Will be bringing the XLR but if you see the car but not me most likely I will be with the motorcycles.

04-22-10, 11:03 PM
if ya'll go after this weekend again, i am definitely down and would love to travel out there and do a meet and greet and see some of those other nice Caddy's you guys have

04-23-10, 12:32 PM
I've been wanting to meet for a while! Lets do it then at the Pavilions. I'll be there at 5pm as well. I gatta say though, I'm thinking of selling this cadi & going for an 08 DTS!

04-24-10, 07:04 AM
I will see you Cadillac nuts there at 5pm.

04-24-10, 11:16 PM
I stuck around until a bit after 6 PM. May have seen Cadillac_Phx's caddy in the lot to the wast or the Vettes. Nice car if it was yours. Weather was perfect.

04-27-10, 12:16 AM
I showed up a little late, but I did not see anyone Saturday. We will shoot for the last Saturday of May, if anyone is up for it.

04-27-10, 12:45 AM
I won't be able to make the end of May. Maybe we can get Cadi Shop to have an open house on a Saturday afternoon so the folks from up north and down south can make it and not have to spend the night. I would like to check out their shop anyway.

04-28-10, 02:35 AM
when i get there in Feb 2010, I would like to meet up with you guys...I will be living in Tucson

did you ever make the move?

05-12-10, 06:55 PM
so what zup arizona ?

05-13-10, 10:52 AM
Whats up its alway good to meet a new Cadillac head. Let me know if anyone is trying to meet up on the last Saturday ,just drop me a line.

05-13-10, 02:06 PM
yeaaa waiting to hear from you guys :D

05-19-10, 04:05 AM
What area are you in? You trying to meet up one of these weekends. We try to meet at the Pavilions in Scottsdale saturday in the afternoon. If you are interested let me know.

05-22-10, 11:03 PM
i might be able to make it down to the pavalions one of these weekends, just let me know when

08-05-10, 11:13 PM
I haven't been out to the pavillions in a while, and new to this Cadi forum. what kind of turnout has there been lately? In Chandler and seeing who else is close.

08-09-10, 04:41 AM
The pavilions usually has a good turn out in general, and a few cadillac folks show up but not the turn out I would like to see. I want to get the few Cadillac heads together on a monthly basis, meet for lunch and cruise the caddys to the pavilions. Sound like a good idea fellas?

08-18-10, 11:24 PM
i just looked up the Scottsdale Pavillions, and that is a 2 and a half to 3 hour drive one way for us Tucson guys. if you guys ever do something in South Phoenix or Casa Grande or something i would be interested. but i cant do the Scottsdale Pavillions unless i was staying out there for the weekend