: Will a deville grill fit a 87 brougham?

02-01-09, 05:12 AM
Don't really like the little squares on my brougham's girll so I want to put a 80s deville grill on it. Does anybody know if it will with no modifications or is there any other grill that'll fit?

02-01-09, 10:44 AM
I think all grills from 82-92 will match but not 100% on that. there are aftermarket E&G grills but they are overpriced in my opinion.

02-01-09, 04:06 PM
To clarify: 80-89 RWD grilles are interchangeable. 90-92 may work, but I'm not sure if they have to be matched with the later header (I don't think so, though.)

I can't believe people don't like the squares! That is a classic Cadillac styling touch...

DopeStar 156
02-03-09, 04:16 PM
I personally love the 89-92 grille the best but a lot of the early 80's ones are hot too. Some grilles have the Cadillac script engraved on the header and some have it in the lower right of the grille as an emblem. Make sure you match up otherwise you'll have 2 or no Cadillac scripts on your car's nose.......

The late 80's checker grille isn't very retro Cadillac in my opinion, it just looks effortless. The "cross hatching" on my 76's grille is a much different story if that's what they were trying to replicate.....

06-11-09, 11:41 AM
If its a sedan deville 80-92 yea it fit perfect on a 87 and i also got a 87 brougham

06-12-09, 12:09 AM
Where the '80's "egg crate" grills chrome plated? The ones I've ever seen are always dull gray plastic.