: New CTS-V pics

01-31-09, 04:44 PM
Here are several pics of the new ride. Obviously, it's hard to do justice to the interior without getting into the car. The tint is 15% all around, and I will be getting the 3M treatment done to the anterior surfaces of the car.

At some point, I will likely consider some kind of performance modification (not that 556 HP isn't crazy enough, but you understand, right).

What do you guys know about D3cadillac and other Cadillac aftermarket companies? Can you have the dealer install the mods (pulley, intake, exhaust, tune), and if so, is the warranty voided or maintained (versus taking it to shop X and having it done)?

01-31-09, 04:51 PM
i drooled over this baby in real life last week :drool:
and i get to ride in her next week :D:D

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