: New Owner Here Also (91' Sedan Deville)

07-01-04, 09:21 AM
I'm totally excited! This car was driven a LOT but well taken care of by its garage. It had 125k miles on it when I bought it in New York, I have since driven it down to Florida and had had only one natural problem with it. (Catalytic Converter) I'll be showing pictures of it's improvement. For now its a two-tone silver and white w/ blue interior 4.9L power everything (prolly standard | im new lol) Keep you udpdated with alterations and originals photos when I get the chance.


07-01-04, 09:26 AM
Welcome Lataz!

Thanks for signing up with us! There is a lot of information here, take a look around and enjoy!

07-02-04, 09:50 AM
Jeeze CaddyBlack save some Hiyas for us ;)

Welcome LilDeville, sounds like a nice ride you've got yourself into, hope the boards can help, see you around!