: replaced optispark now car wont stay on really low idle

01-26-09, 02:43 PM
Ok so i installed the optispark and now my car only starts if i slightly hold down the gas pedal.....

once the car starts it idles at 300 rpm if i dont press on thegas its veery low

some of the spark plug wires didnt really get on perfectly onto the opti what do you guys think could be the problem?

does thissound like a plug issue

one other thing i was barely reading Did i have to install the opti in a certain way???

i didnt see any notchs on the opti or anything and i just slid it on but i read something about TDC does that matter when installing the optispark?

i have the 94 fleetwood vented opti..

01-26-09, 04:27 PM
well i let it warm up and once it warmed up it started to idle on its own at 600 rpm or so and now its working fine

it mightve been the 0 degree weather outside im not sure does anyone have a clue what happened?

its iding well now though

01-27-09, 07:23 AM
If there is a vacuum inside it will run rough, as it still takes some air to arc the gap inside the Opti.

But that is only if the Opti vacuum harness is hooked up wrong or the vent side (the one that goes to the intake air tube) is blocked, say with ice or junk.

You can hook a vacuum gauge up to the vent side and it should measure 15"-25" of vacuum (idle vacuum is max). If you plug that line, it should start to suck down all the air in the Opti. It should just keep it ventilated.