: Help. 99 sts dash clicking?

01-26-09, 12:28 PM
Hi guys, I have a 99 sts with 98,000 miles and Im getting a weird buzzing, ticking sound from the drives side lower dash. The noise is coming from around the light switch area if that helps you out at all. I pounded on the lower part of the dash and it went away for a few minutes. I just want to make sure if its something important or not to worry about it. Also, is there a way to check the coil packs to see which one is bad? Thanks ahead of time for any help. Tony.

01-26-09, 02:20 PM
Does your '99 have a 1" square grille in the dash face just left of the steering column ? If so, that's the intake for the cabin air temperature sensor which is controlled by a tiny thermistor and muffin fan on a module in there.

Pull the grille with a paperclip hook, being careful not to catch the thermistor just inside the grille......flashlight. Start the car and shoot out the tunnel and fan with computer air spray. No joy ? Open the door and stick your finger in the window air duct at the end of the dash panel and pull it out. There's a plastic tube in there which comes out, too. Look straight in and find a hex head STSM screw...about 5mm or so. Loosen it and remove it with spring fingers......or a magnetic screwdriver.....careful. Now snake out the connector first and remove the module. About $30 at a dealer, or pull the rubber seal off the fan hub and place 1 drop of 3-in-1 oil on the axle and replace the seal. Mutter some magic words and put it back together in reverse........

Coils can be checked with a good ol' clip-on timing light.....weak or no trigger is the answer. make sure your wires are connected exactly as below.

01-26-09, 07:12 PM
409, thanks and for all the help. Tony