: 1993 cadillac fleetwood brougham

01-25-09, 11:08 PM
When I got stuck in the snow my traction control and antilock brake light came on and now don't work right. How can I reset these lights?

01-26-09, 11:09 AM
If you had excessive wheelspin for a while (stuck in the snow) the traction control/abs may shut off temporarily - how long have you driven afterwards normally? It usually resets after a few miles.

01-26-09, 07:26 PM
It has been this way for a week now, and yes there was excessive wheel spin!

01-28-09, 02:08 AM
try disconnecting the battery for an hour or two, let the computer reset.

01-28-09, 02:29 AM
the sensor at the wheel probably got wet when you got stuck, try cleaning it off.