: Anyone looking for a Olds 350 (72-73, "8" heads) for a swap?

01-24-09, 10:39 PM
A friend of mine is parting out a 83 Cutlass with a 72-73 350 with "8" heads. This is a great swap for anyone with a 307. I did a swap in my 85 307 Cutlass and it was very very rewarding. mpg was almost no change, and I can't imagine in the heavy boat Broughams that it would even possibly HURT any mpg!

Scream, price is good. Just PM me and let me know. Engine is in Milwaukee in the car, heck, price is great to buy the whole complete car, t-tops and all.

Car is a 83 Cutlass Calais, 350 Olds with a THM350. Missing only the hood, he sold it last night (alum one!). He is parting it, but whole deal is a steal. PM me....