: Dangers of New Audio System In 1994 CONCOURS

01-24-09, 06:37 AM
i am wanting to put a new system in a 1994 CONCOURS (non bose) using a bigger alternator and 0 gage wire as well as 2 or 3 amps and maybe 4 subs..but what is stoping me is not knowing if it will mess up the computer in the car

anyone ever done this or have any tips for me or horror story's ??

01-24-09, 07:11 PM
None? If installed properly, I don't know if the concours have the 4.9 or N* in them or not. Just make sure you shield any live cabling running near the engine properly. I had installed my 0 guage in my 4.9 and ran it along side of the factory wiring.... BIG mistake to not shield it properly once the car gets warm. it melted the ish that was on the cable which they state was rated for up to 150C. Sooo I got some transmission hose. Split it wrapped it around the cable portion that runs along side of the engine... An no more sparks and computer shutting on/off while riding down the road...

It's a pretty easy instal as far as the big 3/alt swap goes.

As far as your computer goes......... Nothing will get screwed up if it's installed properly like I had mentioned earlier. I have power/ground running back to spare batteries in the trunk and a 240 amp alternator. All was rewired to 0 guage. No computer glitches or mess ups. An it helps your lights from dimming once you dump power into your amps too.

If you plan on running multiple amps... Depends on the power outtage and the amp of course, I'd look into getting another battery or two while you are at it. preferably power cell batteries.. I accidently left my system on, (have it wired into the 791xv) and it stayed on for all of 14 hours before I had actually noticed it. (I understand there isn't much draw at idle) Normal batters would have died overnight from past experience on a 400watt amp. These things were still reading 12V after being left on all night. A single acid battery would have been dead a LONG time ago. It helps just incase there is some sort of accident. Kinetik is the way to go

Good luck

01-24-09, 11:44 PM
thanks for the info just had to ask be for i did anything to it..whats the big 3 u talked about?

01-31-09, 09:43 AM
thee big three is when you upgrade the cars charging system. starting from the batteris pos post you run the same guage as your amp power wire to the alt postive lead and fuse with the same fuse size within 18" from the battery. the second is to upgrade the batteries grneg. to chasis same size wire and the alt neg. or engine ground to chasis. its easier to do the alt neg because its on top of the engine rather than the wngine ground and you dont have to crawl under the car