: How would one know???

01-19-09, 07:41 PM
Thanks to all with my not starting issues.

Now the dust has settled, I have been to the GM dealer and they check for any recalls, they are all repaired on this car.
So now how does one tell if all the usual Caddy Catera issues have been addressed or not?
Mine seems fine now and no lights on the dash except for the low coolant level switch (jumpered) now is off. Car runs and shifts fine drives straight,
Main concern is the timing belt how can I tell? I dont want to find out the hard way and I dont want to find out by replacing it when some already has. The previous owner was unsure.

Any help would be great. And thanks again for the previous help and she still seems good

01-19-09, 09:44 PM
The was a TSB for the timing belt (belt, tensioner, pulley and water pump), not a recall.

The TSB # has been posted on here before. Take the TSB number to the dealer to see if it was done. The dealers only check for any out standing recalls, not TSB's.

98 Catera
02-20-09, 10:43 AM
If it has 85,000+ REPLACE IT, include all the upgraded pulleys, tentioners and water pump.