View Full Version : Removing lower rear seat cushion . . .

01-19-09, 06:36 PM
So I had to take off the lower rear seat cushion on my 1991 D'Elegance. What a f@*ing pain the ass!!! To get it off you have to shove it backwards over that catch, and you do the same to get it back on. I to get it back on but gave up after contorting/torturing myself for an hour.

Is there a certain tool or technique to do this? I'm sure my kneeling in the back seat and playing he-man with the cushion isn't the way to go.

As a side note, it looks like my right rear seat belt is fubar. Where's a good place to get another one?

Another bonus is that I found my factory build sheet under the rear cushion. It was all torn up and unreadable, but cool none-the-less.

01-19-09, 07:39 PM
With the front seat all the way forward, you can pull up on the front corner of the seat bottom, and bend your head down and you will see the catch on the floor pan for the wire in the seat bottom. Push back, seat comes out. Do it a few times, and you won't find it tough... ;)

01-19-09, 08:43 PM
you are not alone, we tried on my friends 88 for about 2 weeks. We got it on one day when I needed to vent after arguing with the old lady. They are a b%tch.