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01-18-09, 08:47 PM
i got a 01 catera and it has this problem with the cooling system. start from cold and just idle, the temp gauge reaches one line before the middle. but when you start driving the car it overheats. the heater is working blowing out real hot air and there is no leaks that i see of.

01-20-09, 07:25 PM
First, dont let it over heat.

Make sure the system is full w/o air. Also that your anti-freeze is strong enogh.

Then pressure test when the system is hot. If no apparent leaks show up continue the pressure for a while until everything is cool; check again for leaks.

Check thermostat. I say ya might as well replace it while your in there. Make sure the spring side faces into the engine.

If all els fales let me know and we will get into more test... Good Luck

01-21-09, 10:21 AM
I have some posts on here describing how I corrected my cooling system. Goes into detail on the operation of the fans and the aux water pump. My guess (from what you describe) is that the aux pump is working correctly (it cools at idle) but there may be restriction in airflow; or there may be a fault with the fan operation.

A LOT of debris can get sucked in thru the fans and packs the corners of the fan housing against the radiator, restricting airflow. That is something you may need to check.

Search my past postings (it was in 2007 I think) and you may find some more tidbits to check.

And as above, don't let it overheat. That engine is NOT forgiving if you run it hot. Anything above 3/4 on the gauge, its shutdown time.

01-21-09, 11:46 PM
just replaced thermostat with no difference. i made sure the heater aux pump was running always. and i don't know if it qualifies as overheating, the temp gauge reads a sliver under the red line (7/8?) sometimes enough to trip the overheat light. but it never went the full gauge?:hmm:

01-22-09, 12:57 AM
Like The Gentleman Said Below "Make Sure You Dont Have Any Air Build Up In The System" That Was My Issue.
Good Luck

01-22-09, 01:07 AM
Dex cool? is it watered down? is it thick? is it purple mixed with green? Maybe flush it and put some dex in if any of those apply to you.

01-22-09, 02:21 PM
like the guy above said, if you had dex-cool in it and put the green stuff in, it needs to be flushed cause it is now full of sediment caused by the mixing of two incompatible anti-freeze.

7/8 is too hot. i wouldn't run it that hot. When the light comes on its panic time (unless you want to warp the heads).

I wouldn't think air would be causing this, normally it works its way out of the system in a short time.

If all pumps are working and no bad mix of coolant, all fans working (they should all be on by 3/4 gauge); then I suspect clogged radiator core or debris clogging the airflow thru the radiator. Debris clogging the condensor will also restrict the airflow. You ain't checked that yet? (FYI it ain't easy. You have to pull the plastic intake tubes out of the way to get the double fan assembly off the back of the radiator; the pull the radiator to see the condensor; getting the fan off the front of the condensor means discharging the AC to remove the condensor...)

Any reduction in cooling capacity (failed pump, clogged radiator, airflow blockage) will cause your problem. I had the same situation and it was caused by debris blocking airflow to condensor, radiator, and alternator - yes there is a tube on the back of the fan that directs airflow to the alternator and it will also get clogged.

1) Clean the debris
2) flush the system

01-23-09, 09:30 PM
so mixing dexcool and the regular green coolant isn't allowed? i ask because for some reason out of no where coolant surges out of my coolant bottle and all i had at the time was the regular stuff so i decided to put it in.

01-24-09, 09:00 AM
Mixing Dex-Cool with green stuff will create a 'gel' that clogs the cooling system. Do a search on Google for 'Dex-Cool mixing' and then you may have the answer to the overheat problem.

SERIOUS flushing required!

01-25-09, 12:31 AM
okay so from reading earlier posts i decided to flush my cooling system with some flush from the auto store. well one night it got cold enough to freeze the water in the cooling system. now car won't start (the one time it did it made an awful loud clanking noise turned off right away), all hoses are rock hard, and not supposed to get past freezing for a week. will leaving the car like this until it warms up hurt anything?

01-26-09, 09:37 AM
if the water pump is froze and you start it it will spin the serpentine belt off in a matter of seconds.

Then you have to force coolant in it and try to get the water pump broken free by hand. And you can't run it without a battery charger attached until you get the belt replaced. Means you spend an hour or so running it and shutting down, running it and shutting down, all while spinning the water pump by hand until you get enough coolant in it to keep it from freezing again.

My great prognostication of the future....uh...actually I did this 3 weeks ago in the last hard cold snap, this one is not wisdom its experience. Mine was still a bit slushy but the water pump burned the belt IMMEDIATELY. I got it unfrozen that afternoon.

I'd be a bit worried if it is rock hard.

01-26-09, 04:08 PM
i don't think the water pump is stuck (i think i might of gotten it unstuck when i started it the only time it worked) because all the pulleys and the belt is still moving. i just think that it's not getting any fuel or spark. just some questions, why would i have oil pressure when engine is off and no red oil light? why after trying to start it the check engine light doesn't come back on (have to take out key) and the abs and traction control lights are flashing? and i noticed that my lower radiator hose was pushed of from where it attaches to the coolant pipe and where it connects to the radiator it was broken off (part of hose still on radiator) does this lessen the chances that i cracked a head?