: SRX East European quality?

01-17-09, 05:58 AM
In June 2008 I purchased a Cadillac SRX 3.6L, in the Netherlands at a authorized dealership. The car was fitted with most of the options.
From the very first day the car had problems, it didnít start, the sunroof didnít work well, dash locker didnít open etc etc.. The compass was missing the advertised and in the manual mentioned remote start feature was missing and above all the speedometer had a deviation of +10%.
The dealer resolved -after many visits- a few of the problems, they said that the compass and the remote start feature where not installed in this car!!! Ever see an American car without a compass? The remote start was not installed and could not be installed although it was in the Dutch owners manual. They refused to do something about it. The Dash locker and the sunroof where repaired and the battery replaced. After these services the car bumped like a all terrain buggy, I found out that the tire pressure was set on 260 kpa instead of the 220 kpa -as being on the sticker in the side of the door-. Asking about this the comment was that they have to do this because otherwise the tires were wearing out on the sides!!!
The speedometer they could not change under warranty as the deviation was within the margins. Asking about the values of those margins they answered that they could not inform me about it!!!.

I contacted Cadillac Europe about this all and they told me in not to misunderstand bad words that there was nothing they could do for me. Ask about the error margins set by Cadillac for deviation of the speedometer they told me that this was a company secret not to be shared with the customers!!!!!!! I have never been treated like this in my whole life. Iím driving American cars for over 40 years and always advertised that they where equal and in some respects better the European cars.
My Pontiacs, Buicks, Lincolns and Chryslers never let me down and the service was excellent. This is the first time I made the choice for a Cadillac, what a mistake that was.

So having no other possibility then to turn to the manufacturer of the car, I wrote a detailed letter to Cadillac Customer Support in Detroit last September by priority mail, they never answered. Then last November I send a email with a copy of this letter to the same department and again no answer. The first week of this year I emailed again to Cadillac asking if this was normal behavior not to respond at all, without mention the problems. One hour later they ask me by email for the VIN number of the car, which I send them and they replied that I have to go the Cadillac Europe with my problems. I emailed back that Cadillac Europe treated me very badly and refused to pay attention to my problems, that was the last thing I heard from Cadillac USA, even sending reminders did not trigger any response. Real Eastern Europe behavior which I didnít expect from a USA based car manufacturer.

Now the car rattles on every bump like Lada from eastern Europe, the windshield washers do not work anymore, the remote backdoor opening feature is closing and opening the door when the remote likes it but not when I like it and many more small annoyances. Then de service of Cadillac and the attitude of Cadillac Customer Care is more like an Eastern Europe company and not like they advertise as a so called ďLuxury CarĒ manufacturer.

Whilst driving I have to re-calculate the speed to prevent speeding tickets or driving like a 90 year old driver or coming into dangerous situations because of less attention given to the road. The 10% deviation of the real speed is to much to neglect and it spoils all the fun driving the car when you are constantly re-calculating your speed instead of having a quick glance at the speedometer.

My advice to would be Cadillac owners is to avoid to come onto this kind of very annoying situations and look for another car brand. Pontiacs, Buicks, etc. are much better, my Chrysler Pacifica is way above the qualilty of the SRX.