: rear speakers wont work

01-15-09, 07:16 PM
My rear speakers wont work. I put in A aftermarket CD player and the two front door speakers work. The two in the back wont I checked the fuses in the trunk and they're all good. I tried to see how they're wired but couldent see where they went to the CD player to try new wiring. Is this something someone should attempt without destroying car?

01-15-09, 09:09 PM
How in the world do you run the wiring in these cars, also for the 6x9s on an completly basic cadi stereo system for this year

01-17-09, 06:14 AM
Yeah check the wiring on the aftermarket HU and the rear speakers. Unplug the speakers and try them on another radio to see if they wor

01-17-09, 11:31 PM
I know the speakers work I hooked some other speakers i know work also and they didnt work I'm pretty sure the prob is in the wiring I just need to know how the wiring is ran from the radio to the speakers to try and replace it.