: Properly installing a radio headunit

01-15-09, 01:24 AM
Hi everyone! This is my first post/thread in this forum so far. I will update my information and my profile soon :). Well, I have an issue. The 6 disc CD changer on my 03' CTS (bose) suddenly stopped working yesterday. It would say mechanical error and only load or eject disc #4. Well, I came on here and searched. I ended up disconnecting the battery, waited 20 minutes, connected it, then waited another 20 minutes before I turned the car on. Well, that just made matters worse. It will not even recognize the CD player as a source unless I pressed load...which will then lead to the message: CD Mech Error. Well I took the thing apart and pulled out the CD changer. I took the cds out, reconnected it and attached the harnesses. Once everything was in place and I tried again, it read CD COMM Error. The radio will not turn off now (while the car is on). None of the buttons on the head unit work so i cannot access the setup and/or any other feature. My steering wheel settings still work but thats all. I might have missed a connector on the CD deck itself but I am not sure. Can anyone please help me solve this problem so I can stop banging my head? As far as i know there were 4 connections total: The three harnesses next to the fuse, the black cord (like a coaxial) and a thin strip that connects to the back of the CD changer. Note: I am out of warranty. I tried searching but no luck....If theres a link please let me know. THANKS!

01-15-09, 07:06 PM
*UPDATE* Well, I couldnt resist the urge and dismantled it again. Come to find out, I missed a connector and thats why most of the buttons werent working. Everything works fine exept the CD player. It keeps changing and turning cds but theres none in there and then reads CD COMM ERROR. I assume this means its a computer or communication error. Not sure, ill keep messing with it and once I come to a conclusion, ill let you guys know.

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02-20-09, 07:17 PM
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