: 97 Seville Bose cutting in/out

01-14-09, 04:58 PM
I just recently bought a 97 Seville and i'm loving it so far. Those Bose system sounds great although i've noticed recently that one of the speakers in the rear is cutting out. It sounds like a loose connection of some type, but i haven't been able to figure out which speaker it is yet just by listening while driving. It's been to cold me for me work on it as of yet, but i want to get some info when it finally does warm up.

My question is how many speakers are in the 97 Seville with a Bose setup? Does it have a dedicated sub in the back as well? I'm guessing one speaker each in the front doors, two speakers in the rear deck, and maybe a sub as well? I also get a horrible rattle from the bass at certain freq's from the rear deck. I assume for a car of 12 years this is common. Are there any common things in these old gals that start to loosen up thats an easy fix?

Also is it easy to pry up the back deck to access these or will i need to go in through the trunk?


01-15-09, 06:50 PM
97 Seville w/BOSE has 4 speakers: two in the front doors and two in the rear deck. Each speaker has his own amplifier located behind the speaker.
The BOSE system consists of:
- Head Unit (HU)
- Radio Module Interface (RIM) located in the back of the rear seat on the electronics bay
- 2 AMP relays (one powering left Amps and one for right). The RIM is the one controlling the Relays. The relays are located in the same area as the RIM.
- 4 speakers with there own individual amplifier.
- 12 disk CD changer (optional) located in the trunk.

If any of the speakers is cutting I would start with the power for the amplifiers. The rear speakers are the easiest accessible. Just remove the liner under the rear deck (4-5 nut like plastic clips visible when the trunk is open).
A replacement (BRAND NEW) rear BOSE speaker is ~$50 on E-Bay right now. The front ones, well if you find one let me know I am desperately seeking for a set.

01-15-09, 07:02 PM
Thanks for the info, as soon as it warms up a little i will climb into the trunk and make sure everything is tight.

And if i see any front speakers i will drop you a PM.


01-15-09, 08:44 PM
And if i see any front speakers i will drop you a PM.


PLEASE DO SO! :worship:

01-19-09, 12:37 AM
You know whats funny, the issue is intermittent but the odd thing is i don't think i've ever heard it happen listening to a CD only the radio.

But it must just be luck, cuz i'm sure both the radio and the cd signal travel to the speakers along the same route.


01-19-09, 01:28 AM
Nope, not really,

The Radio and the Tape sound signal have a common path (between the HU and RIM), the HU is the one selecting between one and the other based on the input from the SOURCE button, while the CD audio signal follows a different path between CD Changer and RIM. The selection between CD and Radio/Tape signal is done by the RIM based on the signal sent on the Data Network from the HU (witch in turns translates the input from the SOURCE button). So although your HU seems to do all the work in reality the HU just has control over the Radio and Tape audio signal. The RIM is the final ruler selecting the signal you actually hear in the speakers between HU sourced sound and CD Changer.
Picture like this:
The Head Unit has two audio signal sources:
1. Radio
2. Tape

The RIM has 2 audio inputs (actually 4 considering the Chime and Phone):
1. CD Changer
2. Head Unit (Radio & Tape)

Say you press SOURCE buttons and the HU displays: Radio. The Output signal of the Head Unit is the Radio (by the way that signal is constant not volume controlled). The RIM receives a signal via the car data network to switch to HU signal. Thus you hear in the speakers the Radio.
Press SOURCE one more time the HU displays TAPE. In this case the output of the HU will be the TAPE signal and the RIM will receive from the HU the command to stay on the HU signal. Thus you hear the TAPE in the speakers.
Press SOURCE again the HU will display CD, in this case the output of the HU is muted (no signal) and the RIM will receive from the HU the command to switch to CD changer input so you will hear in the speakers the CD.

The RIM also controls the volume, Balance, Fade, EQ and so on. The HU is just a radio/tape player plus a user interface for the RIM. So any distortion that happens on the Radio or Tape signal but not on the CD Changer is caused inside the HU or on the path between the HU and RIM.

01-19-09, 04:10 PM
Ahhhh i understand, so it's quite possible there's nothing wrong with my speakers/connection and the issue could be the HU or the signal running from the HU to the RIM. I don't spend a ton of time in the car to and from work, i will need to listen closer to see if i ever hear any cut out while on CD, but i don't believe i have yet.

This sounds like it just got a lot more complicated to fix should it be the HU and or inputs from the HU or even the RIM inputs itself.


01-19-09, 09:00 PM
Listen to CD for a while and if no cutting then the problem is either the HU or the connection between HU and RIM. I would doubt that the RIM has a problem since all audio signals from HU/CD/Cell are going straight to the mixer (a chip).

Here are your HU-RIM connections:
HU-C1:E12 ………..22 AWG TAN..………………..RIM-C1:B5 (Audio left +)
HU-C1:E13…………22 AWG DK BRN……...………RIM-C1:B4 (Audio left -)
HU-C1:E14…………22 AWG BARE……………..…. --- (Audio Left SHLD)
HU-C1:F15 ………..22 AWG LT BRN……….…....RIM-C1:B7 (Right left +)
HU-C1:F14…………22 AWG LT GRN/BLK……...…RIM-C1:B6 (Right left -)
HU-C1:E15…………22 AWG BARE…………..……. --- (Audio Right SHLD)
HU-C1:F12 ………..22 AWG PPL/WHT.…………..RIM-C2: D13 (Chime left +)
HU-C1:F13…………22 AWG DK BLU/WHT…....…RIM-C2: D12 (Chime left -)
HU-C1:F11…………22 AWG BARE……………..….. --- (Chime SHLD)

The harness is routed from the HU across the driver’s side of the dashboard down to the parking brake pedal then along the left side of the car back to half way of the rear seat then across the car under the rear seat then into the trunk on the right side of the rear seat then going towards the middle of the car and up (behind the rear seat) connected to the RIM.

02-14-09, 09:32 PM
So i still haven't had a chance to climb back there yet, but last night i took the wife to sonic for some ice cream and sitting there with the car off i was listening to it a little closer.

From the sound of it i know for sure it's the drivers rear speaker, and i'm 99% sure it's blown. It's got that wonderfully distinct blown speaker sound to it. It's starting to warm up so i'll be able to get a closer look soon, but i've already started poking around on ebay for a possible replacement.

Question though, i haven't found anything specific to a 97 yet, however i did find one ebay store that had a 96 bose rear 6x9. Were these years of speakers interchangeable?


02-14-09, 09:59 PM
Those are the ones I was referring to. I bought a set from them few months ago. Not yet in the car but benchtested worked fine ('96-97 are the same).

02-14-09, 10:07 PM
Perfect, thank you for your help thus far N*, i appreciate it.