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01-13-09, 03:42 PM
:mad:A couple of days ago I hit a pothole on Royal York Road that shook the teethe right out of my head.

Does anyone know if it's illegal to shoot the mayor? Failing that, what are my chances if I made a insurance claim for the bent rim. I pretty sure sueing the city is a big waste of time.

01-15-09, 07:01 AM
From my understanding if you notify the city of when and where you had hit the pothole the city covers the cost of repair. You might want to check it out.

02-26-09, 05:40 PM
Yes, it's not so hard to make a claim from the city if the pothole was not marked. I would take some good pics of the location and pothole during daylight.

On a side note does anyone think potholes have multiplied exponentially this year in T.O?

Gardiner west bound looked like a bombed out Serbian air strip circa mid-90s for at least a couple of months.

02-27-09, 08:17 AM
It is not your imagination, one day I think I took a detour through a pothole somewhere around Dufferin and Lawrence and came up around Yorkdale. Absoltuley unbelievable the shape our streets are in. I just got my 08 CTS AWD in August and I am sure my rims are out of round. Not worried though, after market rims going on after the snow is gone....

And yes, you can put a claim in with the city, I did with my previous car and my factory maxima rims were 570.00 a peice and they paid it all so call, take pics, get and estimate and send it off, three weeks, cheques arrived

02-27-09, 03:59 PM
:eek: There's a dangerous side effect to potholes (that seem to multiply overnight!)

I find myself so busy watching out for potholes that my eyes aren't where they're supposed to be, namely on the road well ahead. I confess to going through a red light while I was busy dodging a bunch of gaping holes in the road that appeared out of nowhere -or so it seemed. Is it my imagination or are the NS roads worse than the EW roads. It's possible that I've become paranoid.

03-04-09, 11:22 AM
You're not paranoid, I'm in the same situation except the suspension is a lot stiffer on my V hence I really really do notice when I drive through something deeper than an inch.

I really don't know what's going on these days in T.O. Never seen it so bad and this winter was not terribly cold or snowy either. It's not just the small roads but the major highways. The DVP to 401 East junction looks like it was purposely dug up. I'm assuming most of the potholes are caused by overzealous snowplough drivers.

03-05-09, 12:56 PM
It's like auto slalom when I drive on the highways. Dodging left and right to avoid the craters!

03-07-09, 10:55 AM
Jim Kenzie of the Toronto Star offered some useful phone numbers:
City of Toronto potholes -416 599 9090 then push #164;
Freeways (Ontario) -416 235 4686 0r 1 800 268 4686.
If the people in power think your pothole is serious enough they may fix it right away or, at least, in a few days.
Mr. Kenzie doesn't believe an insurance claim would be in your best interest, all things considered, and the municipality doesn't have any automatic City financed plan to fix your car when damaged by hitting one of their chasms. You may want to write the City Clerk's Office, City Hall, 100 Queen St. Toronto M5H 2N2 or email clerk@toronto.ca
In the meantime I'll try to keep my eyes where they're supposed to be!

03-16-09, 03:53 PM
well.... even since Miller got into the office the budget for roads have been shortend, this was in the last weeks paper. "When Mr. Miller took office in 2003, transportation officials calculated the unfunded cost of bringing city roads to an acceptable standard at $155-million. A year later, the backlog price tag had grown to $235-million. Faced with outrageous demands from the transit system, city hall abandoned a half-hearted attempt to pay it down in 2006. Today, officials report, Toronto roads need $320-million of maintenance for which there are neither plans nor money available"

I just try to avoid Downtown TO as much as possible;)

03-18-09, 04:01 PM
I just try to avoid Downtown TO as much as possible;)

The roads downtown are alot better then most of the ones in scarbrough and north york