: VIN/ Chassis Number Where on Frame?

425 Dual Quad
01-13-09, 09:57 AM
Hi All,

Where do I find the VIN/ Chassis Number on the frame of a '94 Fleetwood? It went for it's annual, inspection here in Ireland yesterday and they failed me because they couldn't check the number in the window with that stamped on the frame.
I ask you!
How many places is it on the frame please?

thanks, Nick

01-13-09, 10:05 AM
This question amy require one of two sources to answer, not sure which one is easiest.

A few years back I pulled the body off of an 84 Cutlass to remove the body bushing mount points for another car. I noticed on the top of the frame rail on the right hand side (passenger side) the stamping for the VIN. It was very faint.

Your options may be one of the following.
Find someone wo has pulled the body off of the frame and may have noticed where this was done (a while back somebody pulled the body off the frame to do a lowrider conversion, so you may want to check the archives as a start).

Option 2 is to contact GM and see where they may have stamped this on the car. Perhaps the factory would have some idea, Arlington TX is the place where these were built.

I know that it is not an answer, but in my experience, there isn't always a "standard" place for thing to be ID'd when it comes to GM cars. I have two identical Buicks, 1 model year off. The build sheet was behind the door on one car and under the seat on another...they were built in the same factory less than a year apart.

425 Dual Quad
01-13-09, 10:30 AM
Thanks - we are presuming that it is stamped on the frame somewhere of course!
Where is the engine number stamped? Maybe they would be happy with that.

regards, Nick

01-13-09, 11:47 AM
The VIN is also on the SPID sticker in the trunk, and on the sticker on the driver's door below the latch. All will match the dash plate VIN, and should be enough for your inspection. There is also a VIN on a sticker on the body that is visible when you take a fender off. It is sort of between the door hinges.

425 Dual Quad
01-13-09, 01:03 PM
Of course - the trunk sticker with all the options listed! Why didn't I remember that! :bang2:
Anyone know how to shorten a right hand emergency brake cable that the adjuster has got so stiff on that it sheared. We welded it up again but it is too lose to pull on the drum. I think I'll have to try packing behind the nut on the adjuster unless I can get a new one in time.

cheers, Nick

01-13-09, 01:39 PM
To shorten the effective length of the cable, use really small hose clamps.

425 Dual Quad
01-13-09, 02:21 PM
Jay, How? pinch a peice of cable together somehow? hook the hose clamp under the adjusting bolt?