: coolant and A/C fans broken blades & mounting arms

06-29-04, 06:44 AM
HI folks ... What kind of plastic glue fixes the cooling and A/C fans?

This deer took out the front end of my 96 Seville STS and popped the airbags ...

The radiator, condenser and core support were wrapped around the engine I have repaired those enough to make te car functional again. (I hope the condensor is fixed, but I am on vacation 2000+ miles away from home and my vacuum pump so I can't properly service the system. the A/C willl remain off till I can do that. I used a pocket knife, JB IRon weld and a pair of channel lock pliers to patch hte holes in the radiator and the condenser. I walked on both as I had them supported on tow pipes to make them fairly flat again. They actually straightened up very nicely.

Both headlight assemblies and grill were demolished but most of the bulbs survived so I was able to have some driving lights.

After a week of very hard work the car now drives again (I only had a shoe box of tools with me to use in fixing the car. I did finally break down and buy a 3 pound Cross Peen hammer which I used to staighten much of the hood - the rearmost 2/3.) ... I inserted the fans in the proper spot but on both the mounting arms are broken and the engine cooling fan has two broken blades. I saved all the fan pieces. What can be used to put either (both of them) back together again? I thought they were ABS plastic but hte ABS glue I bought at True Value had no effect. JB ironweld took longer to cure than I could hold the fans together in my hands. I thought about trying that again but next time using some duct tape to hold things together so I was not involved.

I did drive the car from Louisville, Ky to Indianapolis, IN last night with jury rigged lights (the broken head light assemblies held in place with sponges). The car ran like a champ. (I was delighted with its performance.) I have high hopes of making it home to Southern California.

parts wanted to fix my 96 Seville STS ... most parts fit other GM models too.
both headlight assemblies and all mounting hardware
grill (black 4 door sedan)
hood (black)
windshield (heated or solar)
drivers air bag
passenger air bag
wooden trim for dash

06-29-04, 07:58 AM
Balance on those fans is fairly critical. Go to a scrap yard, if need be and get other fans. If you open the hood and the fans are screaming, do you really trust glue to hold them together? I wouldn't. If you glue them together, you're looking for trouble.