: Where to buy cheapest AC Delco Oil filters

01-11-09, 12:15 PM
I used to buy my filters by the case from ebay, always got a terrific deal too, usually just under 3 dollars a filter. That seller no longer sells on ebay, and the only other seller wants 4.74 a filter. I can buy at the auto zone for 3.50 a filter every day.

I need mostly pf47's (GM 3800 V6's)
just a couple pf61's (Me)
and fewer still pf59's (Silverado)

Anyone know where I can beat 3.50 a filter?

01-11-09, 12:31 PM
I think that will be tough. I pay like 4 bucks a filter at Autozone.

01-11-09, 08:17 PM
Supertech (Walmart) filters are excellent, especially for the money. I swear by them, and theyre often under $3 a piece.

01-11-09, 10:50 PM
Here is who makes what.
For the record, Fram sucks. If you are using it, you hate your car.

Fram Extra Guard (std)
Fram Tough Guard (different media?)
Fram X2 (Silicone ADBV, Fuzzy media)
Fram Extended Guard(same as the X2)
Mileguard (Jiffy)
Honda (although some are alleged to be made by Filtech)
Chrysler line up except for the Cummins

TireChampion Labs

Car and Driver
Mobil 1
Valvoline filters
Service Champ
AutoZone Value Craft
Some AC Delco
VW (some)


Carquest blue
Carquest red
Napa Gold
Napa Silver (lower quality with nitrile ADBV)
Kralinator (in Canada)
ALLIANCE (Freightliner aftermarket)

Purolator (Arvin Meritor)

Purolator premium plus (nitrile adbv)
Purolator Pure One (silicone adbv, different media)
Maxlife Valvoline (some)
Quaker State (less media)
Advanced Auto Total Grip. (less media)
Pep Boys Pro Line







Of course this list isn't all inclusive, but pretty accurate according to Bobistheoilguy.com Which is where I found it a long time ago.
I use Mobil 1 or A/C delco on everything but the Trans Am. That gets an Amsoil. Those are the best you can buy.

Night Wolf
01-12-09, 05:54 PM
On all my GM's I've had, they got AC Delco from Advance Auto.

First car besides GM for me was the Isuzu, nobody carries Isuzu filters, and Isuzu dealers are far and few between, so I decided on Purolator PureONE (their premium filter) They used to be a pretty metallic blue, now they are an ugly yellow but they have the grip coating on them, which is actually nice.

I am fond of the Purolator, I guess brand prefference, when I do oil changes for people that are not picky, it is typically Castrol GTX oil and a standard Purolator. But for my own cars, if there is something "better" between 2 choices, I'll go with the better, hence the PureONE in the Isuzu, it's not a whole lot more money anyway.

Next up was the Lincoln, Advance Auto carries Motorcraft filters, so that gets a Motorcraft.

Then came the BMW, so on my first oil change I was going to slap a Purolator pureONE on it, but when I looked it up on the computer, they carry the basic purolator, but not the pureONE in stock (or they don't even carry it, I think thats it). I didn't want to put a basic filter in it (probably just a mind thing, but oh well) and the 3 choices of premium filters were Mobil1, K&N and Fram ToughGuard. Oil filters on this car are a little more pricey, with the basic Purolator right at $4, along with most other basic filters for it. the ToughGuard is $7, Mobil1 is $10 and K&N is $11 or $12.

I must have stood at the filter display for about 15minutes the first time I got a filter for the BMW, because I have never ran a Fram in any of my vehicles and said I would not do it.... but the ToughGuard does not use the cardboard end caps as the basic ones (atleast to my knowladge) so... I got a ToughGuard. I did a second oil change on it, and I used a ToughGuard, I am going to do a 3rd on it soon (now with a working odo I can track mileage) and was planning on using a ToughGuard (it's got the grip on it too) I am still open to suggesstions tho. Seeing the word Fram on my car, especially the BMW is kind of depressing so I dunno.

To answer the question at hand, I always got my AC Delco filters from Advance Auto... price wasn't a concern as they were always some of the cheapest anyway.... I am not going to worry about saving 50 cents or a dollar in-store vs online.

I remember when I worked at Advance Auto, we had a seperate brand, not for sale to the public, but only to commercial, it was called PowerFlo. They were something like $1.75 or $2/piece I could have bought them, but at the time I had the Coupe and that idea didn't go well with me. But, the commercial guy said they are actually a very good filter, made by Purolator, and that they were far better then the cheap Fram for half the price. Back when you could get rebadged basic Purolators under the Advance Auto label, they were some of the best deals, but they no longer do that. * just saw in the above list, it is already mentioned.

01-15-09, 11:33 AM
you guys got it good, for my BMW motorcycle oil filters run about 17 bux apiece.