: CTS-V on Modern Marvels

01-10-09, 11:49 PM
Did anyone catch Modern Marvels about weight, speed, time etc.? They had a section of the show with the new CTS-V and ZR1. Pretty cool!

01-11-09, 02:00 AM
Just saw that it first aired on Dec. 23. Sorry if this is old news.

01-11-09, 11:02 AM
I guess i missed that one, ill definatly try to find it and watch.. :)

01-12-09, 10:29 AM
Saw it last nite. Had it DVR'ed. 150mph in the V to show distance traveled over time. 1 sec. in their set up. FAST

01-12-09, 10:51 AM
is their a online link?