: 1983 DeVille

01-10-09, 04:07 PM
Today I looked at a brown 1983 DeVille it runs and drives. It has been sitting for approx 10months tho. Starts right up...it will need a paint job tho...It needs the rear bumper fillers. I looked at the frame no rot or rust...There is an issue with the blower....It will need weatherstriping around the doors...no dents body does have some rust tho...Oil is full and looks ok, trans fluid looks good... but the antifreeze may have issues I opened the cap and it was full but it looked black so I squeezed the top hose to push some fluid out then it looked sorta green...My question is how much should I pay for it....How hard are the fillers to put on ?? What does the condition of the antifreeze mean...

01-10-09, 06:07 PM
Personally, I would pass. There are lots of these cars out there for cheap that are in better condition than the one you are describing. The Deville is the base model, too. Is it a two door or four? There were about ten times as many four doors made than coupes. Might want to look for a Fleetwood. Also, beware of any 4100 car (82-85) that has had questionable engine/oil/cooling maintenance. It is a fragile engine that likes to destroy itself by hammering crank bearings...

01-11-09, 11:26 AM
I don't know if this site (http://www.oddballautoparts.com/Oddball_Body_Parts_General_Motors_Body_Filler_Kits .htm) is the only place to get fillers, but it's the only on I've found, and they're expensive.

I also agree that the De Ville's are a dime a dozen, but if your looking for a coupe, I suggest the Fleetwood Brougham 2 door coupe.

01-11-09, 01:30 PM
^ They are not too high priced, considering you get every filler on the car.