: 99 Cadillac Seville

01-09-09, 09:53 PM
The squeaking still consists.
I already changed to a new OEM tensioner and Belt.
1 week everything holds out and it starts randomly again.
Anybody knows what to do?

01-10-09, 01:08 PM
DO NOT try any sort of "belt dressing" magic. Use your ears and a modified stethoscope from Walgreen (replace the chest diaphragm with vacuum tubing from a big auto parts store....) and carefully snoop around for the squeak. Understand that some pulleys and serpentine belts squeak no matter what you do.......

If you replaced the belt and tensioner, which one: the main (front) accessory drive belt or the water pump belt which comes off the rear of the front intake cam........and is the noise like a squeak (rotating noise) or a squeal (belt dragging over a stuck pulley) ?

01-19-09, 08:57 PM
It is the main front accessory drive belt. The noise is like a rotation squeak. We snooped around for the squeak and it seems that it's coming from the power steering pump pulley. Should i change the whole pump or just the pulley?