: Drop spindels for cadillac rwd 1995 and airride

01-09-09, 04:05 PM
somone now where i can find drop spindels for my cadillac fleetwood ?
do they fit from impala 94-96 ?

know any place that sell them, preferly send to sweden also ?
im also on my way buidling airride system om car, thats why i want drop spindels wanna lay it on ground,

but i dont now anyone that have done it in sweden so its pretty hard to ask anyone here,

so any input i can get is good. so please help me out here,
even a good forum for airride if u know.

thanks in advance.
Regards nyberg

01-11-09, 08:55 AM

That forum can point you in the right direction. Goodluck :thumbsup: