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01-08-09, 08:12 PM
I have just picked up my 99 Sport. At a relatively low price. 150k however. I do know that this car was garaged kept and has had only one owner before me. All the history since the factory warranty exp is available. I bought the Catera off of one of my customers. He has brought the car in for scheduled maintenance consistently since he bought the car in 99 from Cadillac. Well taken care of apparently.

I am having 2 problems with the Catera and I'm hoping there isn't multiple sources. First issue, ruff idle or no idle at times. I noticed on the Datastream that the MAF sensor reads 0.00 g/s and dose not fluctuate with revs, causing the MIL trip. After checking a sort distance of the wires starting at the sensors harness I've deemed the sensor to be at fault. I've also priced the MAF on the internet and found listing of $150.00 or better. At places like www.germanautoparts.com

My second issue is far more intermittent. Under heavy loads, like uphill at low RPM bank 2 begins to break up. Missing at cylinders 2, 4, and mostly 6. Relevant history includes, 6 Coil packs and plugs (aug. 2008, 100k). This problem as been a pain trying to diagnose. How is Compression loss with these vehicles? Maybe I will get a little help with this thread.

Pictures will be available shortly. Just haven't taken any yet. Car is beautiful though. Black w/ Black leather. Some options included are the Heated seats, Spoiler, 16" alloys, Multi link sport suspension, etc. Whole car is in mint condition. Besides the issues apparently.


What are some common problem within my mileage group? 150k:confused:

How are the 3 litters with compression lose?:confused:

Omega BODY Kits?? Do they fit good?:confused:

How much do ya think I paid? lol:)

01-08-09, 08:37 PM
Welcome to the Catera forum.
I can help with the MAP sensor, as your best bet is used parts. I replaced one on my 97 Catera, used http://car-part.com/ and paid only $45.00 and added $17 to warranty the part for 2 years. Didn't have a problem with it. eBay and car-part.com are the best place to get quality used Catera parts.

Never experienced the other problem with the 2, 4, 6 block

01-08-09, 09:11 PM
Welcome to the Catera forum.
I can help with the MAP sensor,

Thanks a bunch! Im having a problem with my MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor tho. thanks anyways:thumbsup:

01-09-09, 12:19 AM
OK, that was a typo. It is the MAF, not MAP. Check out the website, I got my Mass Airflow Sensor from a junkyard here in Chicago

01-09-09, 09:07 AM
Is the engine the pre or post facelift... hence does it have electronic throtle bodies, and coil on plug design? the old ones had a coil and spark plug wires runing around... the new ones late 99 and on... were coil on plug and its a whole unit, that holds all 3 of them so you can pick a used one from ebay, most of the time people sell them from junked cars with low miles...
I think that and new spark plugs will fix your problems...

Also a new MAF sensor and you should be good to go... ENJOY The new car, and my guess is you paid around 1500$ for it.... ?

01-11-09, 01:30 AM
I pulled the history on the car. Plug and all the coils have been replaced. Also a fuel injection cleaning has been done. Im hoping once i get the MAF sensor it will smooth out bank 2. If not im going to start test the cam sensor. I hear they to can cause misfire at idle. I been hearing a little about the IAC as well. But if it was some thing like an IAC, or a MAF then why only bank 2? These cars are so fun. dont care what any one says. IM NOT SCARED!!! ILL FIX IT!! haha! Nothing wrong with a good challenge.