: Delivery date?

01-08-09, 05:18 PM
Has anyone had delivery date problems in the GTA?

I ordered a 09 CTS from a Toronto dealer in November '08 and was told I'd get delivery before Christmas. I was skeptical and it turns out for good reason. Now I wonder if the Lansing plant has stopped production for a time due to the economic situation and I can't rely on the salesman to give me a straight answer. Ironically I'm in no hurry now; I just dislike being lied to (or, to be kind, led astray).


01-09-09, 10:27 AM
If you can get out of your deal, let me know your specs and color and I will let you know if my dealer who is great has the same one or similar

01-09-09, 01:24 PM
Thanks for your response TOPVIEW.
My dealer apparently did a complete web search and didn't come up with a black cherry SIDI with the sight and sound, comfort and convenience packages. It was ordered with the wood trim/steering wheel and dealer added fog lights. The best they came up with has the 18" wheels and sunroof in some plain colour with the black interior.
I don't think there's anything like my preference in anyone's inventory and the dealer seemed reluctant to place a factory order, but pushed to the wall went that route but good ol' Cadillac seems to find it difficult to tighten the nuts and bolts and paint a body in the colour I like. So, I thought there's a manufacturing scheduling problem.


01-12-09, 08:36 AM
If you like, give Brad Haines at Haines Chevrolet and Cadillac in Listowell (dont worry he will deliver it right to your door) tell him Ralph referred you. Great to deal with and you WONT get a better price anywhere. I will bet he has the car you want. At the very least you can tell you dealer where to get one.

890 Wallace Ave. N. Listowel
Phone (519) 291-1730
Fax (519) 291-5235

Good Luck, keep us posted

01-21-09, 04:45 AM
:eek: I've just received the definitive word from the dealership!
That CTS that I ordered in November '08 should be delivered by the end of March '09. Of course if I had wanted a grey, white or black car with 18" wheels and a sunroof I could have had one in some dealer's inventory. What is interesting to me is the time it takes to schedule production of a car made across the river in Lansing. Maybe Lansing has moved to Korea. The good thing is the spring weather at the end of March since, if I took delivery now, I wouldn't be able to buy a set of winter Michelin X-Ices this winter.

01-21-09, 08:55 AM
Regardless, it is well worth the wait. I love the car and I had to wait an extra month for mine because Nissan would not take my car back a month earlier, even though I agreed to pay the last month lease payment in advance

when I finally got my CTS, it was worth it. Enjoy and drive safe. Look at the bright side, you dont have to drive it through the snow, slush and salt as much

04-01-09, 07:35 AM
:rant2: After I was assured that my CTS would be available by March 27, I emailed the dealership on March 28.

Lo and behold, the car was at the dealer's and the salesman had phoned me with the news. I searched my voice mail for evidence of that call, but came up blank. I emailed the New Car Manager to be assured that the car would be ready for final scrutiny, including installation of fog lights.
GM doesn't inspire a lot of confidence, from phantom phone calls to last minute revelations. There's a problem obtaining the fog lights (they have the bezels!) that were part of the original agreement 4 1/2 months ago and it'll be another 2 weeks before the parts are available.
If I accept delivery, as is, I can return later and have the lights installed. If I accept delivery and the lights fail to materialize or become unavailable where does that leave me? It will leave me with a CTS that has two ugly black blemishes in the front where the lights should go.
So, the dealer gets to keep the car until such time as it can be delivered as ordered!

04-24-09, 12:25 PM
Finally, on Tuesday April 21, the CTS was delivered with all the bits and pieces attached. It's Black Cherry with a cashmere interior all duded up with lots of wood panelling that fits.
A few quibbles though. The steering wheel doesn't have a heater, or at least not one that anyone can find. The back of the front seats has a netting rather than a full panel to hold stuff, and the trunk net can only be attached in one position (the STS has multiple positions to customize the adjustments).
Other than that, so far, everything is just what I expected and the colour is striking in the sun.