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01-08-09, 01:07 PM
Hi everybody,

My name is Didier and I am an American car fan. I own already a 1987 C4 corvette.
Next week, I'll be the new happy owner of a 1966 Cadillac. She's a Hardtop Sedan Deville I found near France.
In order to check the car carefully, could some of you tell me what are the weak points of this model.
Thank you by advance.
Here a photo of my future car (if it's as nice as the seller told me)

I will, in a near future, create a french forum for cadillac entousiasts because there is none in France. So I will come here very often and exchange lots of information and experiences.

For now, I'd like to thank all the administrators and members of this site and forum for a such huge space of passion.

Best regards,


01-08-09, 02:01 PM
Howdy and :welcome: to the forum.

01-08-09, 02:48 PM
You have acquired one of the better looking of the sixties Cadillacs. It appears to be in nice condition and is a very nice color for the car. I have some familiarity with sixties Cadillacs when they were new, having owned a '62 convertible and maintained a '70 deVille for an aunt. Basically they are pretty straight forward American cars, not great handlers, but very reliable. If I could site a week point it would be the front suspension coil springs which tend to weaken under the heavy front end weight bias of the cars. For many years, during the fifties and sixties, my family ran, simultaneously, Cadillacs and Oldsmobile 98's (most luxurious Olds of the time) and I can say the while both makes were reliable, the Cadillacs stood out for the quality of their accessories (power windows,radios, heaters, etc.), both cars had Kettering V-8s and hydramtic transmissions both of which were the best on the market at the tiem and very good.

Welcome to the Forum! I, for one, look forward to hearing about your French Cadillac Forum.

01-08-09, 03:19 PM
Rust is the big issue to look for. Look on the lower rockers, the lower edges of the doors, door jambs, fenders(look along the inside edge facing the wheel), trunk(look under the mat), floors, and leading edges of the hood. Another place notorious for rusting is at the base of the rear window.

I'd have the car put on a lift and looked at before you buy it, so you have no suprises.

Other things to look for: worn suspension bushings, tie rod ends, ball joints, shocks, etc. I'd also make sure all the wiring is in good shape and the accesiories function like they should, nothing worse than fixing hack jobs on the wiring or tracing bad grounds.

01-08-09, 03:32 PM
Hello and :welcome:

Lord Cadillac
01-08-09, 03:38 PM
Welcome aboard! And thank you for signing up! I had a 1987 Corvette and while it was expensive to maintain, it was very fun to drive. The Caddy you're getting is REALLY something else! I never had one of those but I wish I did...

If you'd like me to setup a French forum right here at this site, let me know and I'll take care of that for you. You can pretty much have whatever we have here - all in French. Let me know..

Thank you!

01-08-09, 04:01 PM
Wow ! Could be great to have a french section !!! I'll keep you posted :)

Thanks for your replies :golden:

Other pics of my future car :


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01-08-09, 04:20 PM
Merci beaucoup :cool:

01-08-09, 05:13 PM
Congratulations on the new car. She's a real looker!

01-08-09, 05:13 PM
Hello and welcome, Didier!

Quick question, if I may: In the land of Peugeots and Citroens, how often do you see a Cadillac? I bet they're a pretty rare sight.

01-09-09, 02:13 PM
There are quite a lot Cadillac in France. But a lot of Seville and Escalade, and we dont see them very often.
Next week, ill post some photos of our meetings :p

01-09-09, 02:15 PM
That's a beautiful car. I'd love to have it for myself. :welcome5:

01-09-09, 04:55 PM
Beautiful car and welcome to the forums! :welcome:

01-17-09, 02:47 PM
Thank you to all of you :cool2:

Some news : I BOUGHT IT :golden:
My wife and I will go to bring it home on tuesday:p

01-17-09, 04:53 PM
:bancha: :cheer:

01-17-09, 07:37 PM

That car is absolutely stunning. I love the stacked headlights. :)

01-18-09, 11:25 PM
That is a very nice looking car.

I'd be careful not to run over any citroens, that could leave a mark on the chrome.

01-20-09, 05:40 AM
I get it today :thumbsup:

We go to Luxemburg to pick it up in an hour :cool:

01-20-09, 05:13 PM
Take plenty of Euros for petrol!