: Mods for transmission during HG job?

01-08-09, 12:41 AM
I will be doing the wonderful N* head gasket job on my 98 SLS probably this summer, and was wondering what opinions people had about getting a little more power out of the transmission.

People have talked about putting the STS's 3.71(i think) gears together with the SLS's 300 Ft.Lbs. of torque.
Also upgrading to a performance torque converter.

Is any of this worth it? of just a wast of time and money? If its worth it this will be the time to do it, with the engine and trans out of the car.

01-08-09, 01:20 AM
If you do that you will be pretty quick off the line, but you will loose way too much top-end.... not to mention you would have to reprogram the PCM (shift times)... It's not worth it

A lot of 21 year olds seem to be tackling this hg job on the northstar... It's not easy, I can vouch for that. Right now my hands are really busted up from it and my entire body is sore. It's like the huge staircase that rocky trained on; each step is simple and easy, but there's just so many of them that it becomes very tiresome and hard.

01-08-09, 11:52 PM
Amen!!! ^^^^