: new member and first time owner

06-28-04, 07:15 PM
Hey all,
I recently picked up a used 93 ElDorado, picture attached. One owner, garaged, maintanance records, never smoked in, 128000 miles, for $3500. I feel like I got a good deal.
What kind of advice do you all have for the first timer? I believe I'll take it to a dealer for any maintanance it needs. It came with aluminum wheels which are slightly scuffed (looks like curb damage), but I can get a set of chrome factory wheels of a similar style from a friend, any thoughts of chrome vs. aluminum? I had a Grand Prix once with aluminum wheels, and they seemed prone to leaking air (slowly), especially with significant changes in the weather. Not that that would be a big deal.
Anyhow, any replies will be appreciated.

06-28-04, 08:20 PM
Welcome to the forum!

Here is a link to a standard checklist, fairly normal stuff. (a good place to start).

My personal preference is chrome way easier to maintain (IMO).
Nice looking Eldo and at $3500 not a bad deal! Good luck!

06-29-04, 11:54 AM
Gratz on the Eldo. They're sweet rides as long as they don't have too much wrong with em ;) I have 2 Eldorados (90 and 98) and there are a few other members floating around with em so you're not alone!