: 98 sts northstar engine swap

01-07-09, 04:33 PM
i have a bad engine in my 98 seville sts, head gaskets been replaced 3 times and now its bad again,heli coils and oversized timeserts have pretty much trashed the block.now i bought a 4.6l northstar out of a 2006 buick lucerne ..what do i need to get the 2006 northstar running properly in the sts.what needs to be swapped?intake,sensors,motor mounts,cpu reprogramed. my vincode for the sts is 1g6ky5492wu901611. thankx to all the caddy gurus here who have helped me over the years with this lemon!

01-07-09, 09:12 PM
Helicoils are a guaranteed failure. Not sure if you can use a 2006 in a '98 or what needs to be don if it can. Someone more knowledgeable will chime in on this one.