: Whats the cost?

01-06-09, 10:26 PM
I am starting to think my head gasket has failed. I am pretty mechanically inclined and just recently replace the thermostat due to the gasket leaking. I notice that the valley was dry just wet around the t-stat. I replaced the t-stat, cleaned the whole bottom of the motor and restarted the car and checked for leaks. I am getting a coolant leak that is running off the back driver's side of the motor and dripping off the screw on the bottom of the bell housing. I replaced the oil cooler with the updated unit three years ago and resealed and replaced all of the seals to the cooler and bridge last year. I have also replaced a fail HCV once or twice.

The only other thing it could be is the pipe located below the bridge. If that isn't the problem I am think coolant is leaking externally from the driverís side cyl head.

So has anyone on the board tackled doing a head gasket?

Has anyone recently paid to have one replaced? Getting rid of the car isn't an option, it has roughly 103k on it and runs and looks great.

What do you guys think?