: Need A Quote.

01-06-09, 05:27 PM





Has has only 2 small dents and rust in the trunk. I want a simple black paint job and would also like to get a quote on restoration of the original paint both with clear coats. I am located in 92868. Santa Ana, CALIFORNIA.

01-06-09, 07:55 PM

You need new rear fillers, too.

Seriously, just start visiting shops. You need to find one that appreciates older cars, and does work like this on the side when the collision business is slow. There is no money in non-insurance paint work (meaning, they can't charge the margins they do on collision).

01-06-09, 11:35 PM

Dont skimp if you want it too look good too. Working in a bodyshop myself, everyone wants to pay $500 for a beautiful restoration.

To "do it right" at my shop

Strip the car (all the trim, glass ect)

Take the doors and hood+ trunk lid off and jamb it black (if you were changing color)

Strip that car right down to bare metal. Seeing the surface rust i am sure the paint is beat, checked, and rough. YOu HAVE to sand it to bare metal then.

Put all the doors and trunk and hood on, align.

block sand a bunch of times

and squirt it.

Cost of material around $800-1000 for good stuff.

Cost of complete job $4-5000

It will last forever, and look factory.

Nothing personal, but your not going to get a good quote asking here on a forum, where we cant see your car, and not many work in the body shop field.

Go to shops.

SPend 500 bucks at macco or a shit hole shop and your going to get what you pay for.

01-08-09, 10:58 AM
Or you could just do this: