: Get your rebadged Trailblazers now

01-06-09, 07:02 AM

I personally thought it would come sooner, since they've been selling only a rebadged colorado and rebadged trailblazer for some time now. I always thought the axiom and vehicross were kind of cool though.

Night Wolf
01-06-09, 07:35 AM
Old news.

Dosen't matter, all the real Isuzu's have not been sold in the US for years.... what is being rebadged as Isuzu now is a lame excuse anyways.

Axiom was just a bit ahead of it's time, and it was actually built on a truck chassis, not a car. That was the problem selling real Isuzu's here in the US, people wanted softer and car-like ride and handling in an SUV, but an Isuzu was always truck-based, fully boxed ladder frames, RWD/ real 4wd etc... Which is why they are so popular in many other countries where people rely on their vehicles for their life, not just to get the best parking spot at the mall.

Isuzu will stop selling passenger vehicles here, but they are still selling medium-sized commercial trucks, in which case they have the market pretty much monopolized.

01-06-09, 09:18 AM
I was going to rip into Night Wolf for his absurd loyalty to Isuzu, but then I noticed his avatar and Cadillac ownership line.

All is forgiven. :shifty

01-06-09, 04:55 PM
Eh, no big surprise. They have slowly dwindled off since 2002 and have not come out with anything new in quite a while. As Night Wolf said Isuzu has always made real trucks with solid chassis and stiff suspensions while the American public has been pursuing crossovers that are basically cars with a taller body.

After all the snow melted around here there was some pretty serious flooding. All the soccer moms in their stupid crossovers were having to take back-asswards ways around the flooding while I was just able to go right through it. I also had a nice "I am better than you moment" one day when it was snowing pretty heavily out. I was behind someone in a Mazda CX-7 (pretty sure that was it) and we were waiting to turn left. Light turned green and he just sat there while his front tires were doin burnouts. I just went around him laughing to myself. He never did make the light.

01-07-09, 03:28 PM
Some people like a car that is rare. Isuzu Asscender provided that, when the budget was under $33,000