: CTS sport grill

jeremy stanke
01-03-09, 06:42 PM

Do you have any sport grills available for the 03-07 CTS's?



Lindsay Cadillac Parts
01-05-09, 07:28 AM
Looks like GM has 1-2 of the black ones left

jeremy stanke
01-08-09, 09:10 PM
how much would one cost? they can be painted right?

Lindsay Cadillac Parts
01-09-09, 07:18 AM
THey are $381.65 (plus a little shipping) and can be painted

jeremy stanke
03-19-09, 09:14 AM
im sorry, i forgot all about this post. do they have any left? please email me at stan5050@kettering.edu

Lindsay Cadillac Parts
03-19-09, 09:31 AM
Looks like they are currently not available. GM tells me maybe by mid April