: New ECM option for Northstar swappers

12-30-08, 01:05 PM
Interesting site:


12-30-08, 06:59 PM
:rolleyes: You'll notice the disclaimer about a paragraph down....sort of like......."aftermarket ECM's have their place, but not on a street car" when it comes to Northstars. TANSTAAFL

12-31-08, 01:12 AM
The 1227730 (more commonly know as the '7730 to tuners) is an EXCELLENT candidate for use in engine swaps and other hot rod projects... You will have some issues with converting the crank sensor to something that looks like pulse that the L98 distributor would generate.. Other then that it would not be difficult to get a base tune, a wot turn, and a closed loop spark map that would make for an engine that was easy to start, would produce good power and would even pass pre OBDII emissions in almost every state...

But this would prove to be a TERRIBLE option for use in a post OBDII Cadillac. These PCMs are very simple, but lack much of the internal diagnostics that our modern ECMs perform... In a Cadillac this will produce power levels on par with the stock PCM (where have we heard that before ;) ) And will generate one trouble code after another...

The key words with this PCM is "Speed Density". These are very basic PCMs that determine how much fuel to deliver based on RPM and load... and little else..

Because they are so basic they are easy to tune and easy to play with... But the Northstar is a "Mass Density" system that uses a MAF sensor that tells the computer how much air the engine is sucking in... The computer uses that to determine how much fuel to squirt.

MAF systems will almost always make more power then a Speed Density system since the MAF directly measures the fuel requirement BEFORE the engine burns the fuel. Almost every car made today is MAF. It simply works better.

The other reason that the 7730 is such a good choice is that hundreds (thousands probably) of them have been hacked and have been used in turbo, super charger, V8's V6's you name it "base curves" exist for free that will be close to what you need...

Or the short answer
Yup, this is THE way to go if you are swapping a Northstar into something older.
If you think this will make your 2000 ETC faster in the quarter... Sorry...