: BBOB - North* Oil Usage Comment

06-27-04, 01:15 PM
Bbob, it seems there have been so many negative threads and comments about excessive oil consumption by the North* that I thought at least one positive report might be welcome. Admitedly, I purchased my '03 DTS new and broke it in correctly (no steady speed driving for 1st 500 miles, and regularly increasing and harder acceleration as milage built up), but unless GM has tightened up the tolerances significantly it has, so far, paid off on virtually no oil consumption in eight months and over 6000 miles. This has included two 1400 mile trips at steady 70 - 80 mph speeds. Fuel milage has however been somewhat less than expected, although that too has been increasing as miles accumulate -- now about 24-25 mpg at steady 65mph (if the A/C isn't needed). Changed the factory oil filter (only) at about 800 miles to get rid of the foundry trash (did add 1/2 qt of oil for new filter) and have been following the oil life monitor since then -- only down to 44% life remaining at this point. Engine is also spotless and leak-free, top and bottom.
So, based only on personal experience, it appears Cadillac has really earned its second place on the JD Power Initial Quality Survey -- ours has been as trouble-free (never back to the dealer) as any of the previous Hondas and Nissans that we've owned. Without a doubt, the DTS is the best long distance touring car we've ever had -- extremely quiet and comfortable, with excellent ride and effortless power. And, no I don't work for Cadillac or GM. Just thought some positve comments might be a change from the usual problem types.

06-27-04, 11:12 PM
Glad you like it and are having a positive experience with it.

I currently have a 2004 DTS that has been flogged from the moment I got it at 0002 miles....and it hasn't used a drop of oil in 4400 miles so far.

The later model engine have ring and cylinder wall surface finish modifications designed to minimize oil consumption since it was such a concern to most owners.

Good break in and frequent use of WOT to keep the carbon at bay and the rings exercised also helps!!!!