: Cadillac N* redesign is the fastest TQ. Converter?

12-29-08, 08:24 PM

Transmission Specialties offers the 10" "sprag less" Cadillac Northstar Racing converter for those racers with 1200+ HP. It is the world's quickest converter with an E.T. of 5.51 @ 258 MPH. :eek: It is ideal for nitrous and blower applications and the stall can be set from 3000 - 8000 RPM. Each 10" Northstar has a custom fabricated steel stator with computer designed steel fins depending on desired stall and efficiency. The 10" Northstar is available for Pro Mod, Top Sportsman, Pro Outlaw, Turbo Charged, Top Alcohol Classes, plus Lenco drive, Bruno with 1.25" input. If it's high HP and takes a converter, we can build the Northstar for your transmission.