: '85 max tire size

12-28-08, 07:38 PM
I have a '85 Brougham, stock suspension. Just bought some new (NOS) 17x8.5 Impala SS wheels. What is the largest, widest tire that will reasonably fit the car? Thanks.

Cadillac Giovanni
12-28-08, 11:22 PM
I can't say I condone putting those wheels on that car, but...

I don't know about tires for that size rim. Stock for the car was P225/75 on 15 inch rims. Some even had 215s I believe. I put 235s on mine, and they rub ever so slightly against the chassis on some really tight turns.

That's only on the stock rim, mind you. I'm not sure if the 8.5 inch is wider, in which case something with a 235 width might rub more.

12-31-08, 02:37 PM
A 255 55 17 should work fine, and will be about the same overall height as your stock tire, preserving your speedo reading.