: '08 CTS navigation/radio OEM upgrade

12-28-08, 07:17 PM
Hi Everyone;

I'm a soon-to-be 1st time Cadillac owner, having just purchased an '08 CTS w/AWD and the DI 3.6. It arrives tomorrow!

Here's the question. The car does not have navigation, and I've found a full Navigation/radio/dash center stack/ and GPS antenna for sale. The question? Is this a straight plug-and-play installation? Is there any chopping-up of harnesses, etc? It includes the GPS antenna assembly, which appars to be a bracket with the antenna; I thought GPS antennas were the shark-fin bit on the roof?

Any help or advice would be deeply appreciated.


12-28-08, 07:52 PM
Congratulations on your new CTS. I really doubt it is plug & play. Although the Nav unit on the CTS is awesome; if my car didn't include NAV I would be more tempted by this which can be had for less than $400:



12-28-08, 10:02 PM
Already have a Garmin, but there's something about having an integrated OEM system that an aftermarket system just cannot match.

Good news about the aftermarket units? So many people have them hung on their windshields that my Beltronices STI (undetectable) radar detector no longer visually stands out here in Virginia where such devices are illegal. However, with seemingly one rader gun-equipped trooper, county officer, village officer, sherriff bent on enforcing the speed limit on every single citizen, I'm just evening-up the score.

Thanks for the input, though.

12-28-08, 10:03 PM
BTW, the OEM unit I have my eye on is $599...or the price of a good aftermarket piece.

10-03-10, 11:34 AM
Where did you find the unit, I'm looking all over to buy it