: Leveling Light Blinking

12-28-08, 02:08 AM
When we picked up Scotty's 2001 Catera, the LEVELING light was blinking; and it's still blinking when the car's turned on. A week or so ago, Scotty had a local foreign car dealer fix the leak in the rear that was keeping the rear end from staying level and causing the compressor to keep pumping. He thought that was supposed to fix the blinking Leveling light but the owner said that was a different problem.

He spent $120 but it didn't end the blinking. We think the problem that caused the car not to stay level is fixed. I guess we should have gone to the Cadillac dealer to fix the problem. Or, just possibly one of you can tell us how to really fix whatever is causing the Leveling to blink and to keep blinking.:confused:

12-28-08, 02:27 PM
ive got the same problem.

Po Pimp
12-30-08, 01:05 AM
You are correct the leveling light comes on to tell you that the air compressor is running. In most day to day driving you usually on see it once when you turn the car on.

If it is blinking constantly that means you are leaking.

One place I had a problem with mine was on the adapter piece that attached the air line to the shock. It really kind of sucked. The shocks where still good but that particular piece is unique to the shocks and is impossible in my area to come up with in the end I had to replace the shocks just to get an adapter that would fit. This is one area to check out. Mine was rather loud when it leaked from there. For the couple weeks I rode it like that I would turn the key to on but not run. If I heard the leak I could go back there and giggle it and it would stop usually for a couple driving cycles if I was lucky. Ghetto I know.

I guess I am not sure what you have had done so far to try and remedy the problem. If the leak is big it should be audible. Say turn the key on but not run and get under the rear of the car and see if you can locate it. You could also take a spray bottle with some soapy water and spray on the air lines. If you see bubbling then you know that air is coming out of that spot. The system has a couple different points where end pieces are used. You could check for looseness or damage on these. You can get universal air lines and just replace all the air lines....usually fairly cheap. You should also check out the shocks. The top portion comes over the bottom portion with a rubber piece in between. If this rubber is cracked or deteoriated it could be the leaking source. There is also a level arm attached to the passenger side rear control arm (look at the driver's side then the passenger you'll know what I am talking about). If someone forgot to connect this or connected it wrong the car might be running the compressor off of misinformation alone. If you think this is a possability get a picture of it and post it here. It is kind of hard to describe how it should look but a visual check from someone who has seen it could confirm it.

01-07-09, 08:07 PM
In Addition the leveling light will trip if you drive aggressive. Taking multiple turn at high rates of speed cause the pump to work more often. First hand experience. Just got the car and was messing around, one time promise.

01-25-09, 09:34 AM
i have the same problem as well. i understand the pump is on the passenger side, positioned in behind the bumper? i bought my car with some damage on the drivers side, the car had hit something, and the fog light is smashed out, and there is a bracket behind it holding the horns, and what looks to be another compressor or something. this thing is damaged, im just wondering if it could be my problem with the air ride?

04-29-14, 11:11 AM
leveling light

04-29-14, 03:01 PM
You have a problem with the leveling system. A common problem is a broken rear spring close to the bottom tray that it sits in. You can't really tell unless you lift the car and feel and look around.

04-29-14, 05:01 PM
Check the air line going to the rear shocks, could be a lose connection. If it so, then take it out clean, adjust the spring clip and seal it properly.