: Just out of curiosity...

12-28-08, 12:25 AM
A friend and I built out a '68 Charger back in '93, and he's a motorhead to the gills. Me, I ended up going to law school, realizing I'm more of an "off the shelf" kind of car guy...

He was over the other night, showing me his "new" (to him) Lexus SC 400 coupe; you might remember those 90's ubiquitous luxo coupes, with their vaguely Jaguar E-type characteristics slathered in the Lexus patina. He's become a huge Toyota fan, and told me that those SC's are on the same platform as the Celica Supra supercar from the 90's, and the entire Supra drivetrain, suspension, etc. can all bolt right in in place of the Lexus parts. He's got about $3k in the car (and it's a clean black on black original with about 68k miles), and plans eventually to drop in the Supra's "balls", so he'll have all that power while enjoying the superior grade of luxury and comfort of the Lexus appointments inside the car. What a great idea!

So my question is, since the Corvette and XLR-V are on the same frame, does this mean that it would be possible to relatively straightforwardly (from a bolting in perspective, I understand the computer programming would probably be prohibitive - but maybe not) drop one of the insane hyper-vette supercharged engines into an XLR (provided you cut a hole in the hood or something)?

Seems like a great reason to buy and hold a V if this is true or possible. Drive the Northstar into the ground, then replace with a crated ZR1 engine, anyone?

It sounds crazy, but the question is whether the parts would bolt in similarly.

Would love to hear the thoughts of you GM/Corvette/performance/V car guys!

Happy hols,


12-28-08, 02:40 AM
Theoretically, yes. I used a couple 'vette parts on the XLR. (some exhaust parts and wheels). You probably wouldn't even need the hole in the hood, the NorthStar is taller than a small-block if i remember right. So as long as you had the hood with the cowl on it (like all "V" models and all 2009+?) there probably wouldn't be any clearance issues with the LS9.

12-29-08, 12:24 AM
That would/(will?) be one helluva built project to own!

As my friend and I were standing in the garage the other night, still buzzed from seeing Ratt at the House of Blues, and he was telling me about his Lexus/Supra hybridizing plan, I suddenly remembered the XLR/vette connection and had to ask over here...