: Looking for a GMS plan car with Recaro seats near Houston

12-27-08, 11:28 PM
Willing to travel as far as 500+ miles to get a silver, grey or black using GMS plan. Want Recaros with automatic transmission (give or take other options)

Ready to buy right away. Any help would be much appreciated.

Dave in Houston

12-28-08, 11:51 AM
Good luck. I live in the Houston area as well. I don't know which dealers might do it. I've looked on line - there are only a couple of Recaro seat cars in stock in Houston (as of last week). I was at the dealer on the SW freeway yesterday - he has one car (without Recaros) and it is tentatively sold. He said they are selling them all at MSRP.

If you get one, I'll trade you a ride in my Z06 for a ride in the V! :yup:

12-29-08, 11:49 AM
Yea, Houston is probably one of the strongest markets.

Anyone know of dealers in Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi or Alabama that have cars that they would sell using GMS plan?


12-29-08, 01:04 PM
No, GMS in Oklahoma! Try Sewell Dealerships in Dallas... I called and they were taking GMS.