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12-27-08, 09:01 AM
A few members on here know me as the guy who does the HGs on Northstars. I'm in southern Ontario, Canada - 2 hours from the US border (Niagara Falls NY).

I can see the need for a specialized Caddy Northstar shop in the USA. Personally I would love to set up a shop in the States. One problem. I'm a Canadian citizen and have no US citizenship. Therefore I can't.

I have relatives in Texas - two Uncles and some cousins. Family can sponsor a US citizenship, But it has to be a father, mother, or brother/sister.

Does anyone have any ideas how I can get the rights to open a Cadillac Performance / Repair shop in the USA? Keep in mind it's not a general mechanic shop this is a specialized shop.

If there's a way I can do this I'm keeping my shop in Ontario going and I'm headed into the US to set up over there too. I'll be offering the same services ($1500 N* HG repairs) and possibly some performance upgrades/installs.

Anyone who knows someone or has leads/contacts in the USA that can get me the rights to do business in the USA will have one hell of a reward coming.

Background checks are not a problem, I have no criminal record of any sort and I can get proof of that. I'm a born Canadian citizen.

12-27-08, 11:17 AM
In a slightly different vein, don't forget that one of the considerations to granting business rights or maybe even a green card is that the applicant must provide a service or skill which is in demand, useful and marketable. Your Northstar endeavor should certainly meet that requirement. Play it for all its worth.

12-27-08, 12:08 PM
Sub that would be great if that worked- reading up on the USA immigration site, a commercial endeavor requires a minimum $500,000 investment. I don't have that much to invest right now. I don't know if they have any exceptions to that policy.

My 3 cousins in Texas all own cotton farms and my one uncle is in charge of mechanical operations for a major oil company. There should be a way to get US citizenship through them- but I know US immigration laws are strict. Texas isn't where I'd prefer to set up shop either.

The bottom line is I want to offer the services I'm offering here in Ontario, in the USA as well.

12-27-08, 08:24 PM
when i finish school! i will gladly come to work for you :)

01-03-09, 07:26 PM
Sounds like a plan!:thumbsup: I sent you a PM earlier about your cadillac decal.... looks awesome on the rear window!

01-03-09, 07:41 PM
Why can't you simply function as an "investor" in a business here vs trying to gain citizenship ?

01-03-09, 08:03 PM
well i sent one back to ya.
like CIWS said why don't you venture down and find a local service shopperformance shop and see if they would be interested.

Sounds like a plan!:thumbsup: I sent you a PM earlier about your cadillac decal.... looks awesome on the rear window!

01-04-09, 05:29 PM
all i can contribute is that if you decide to open it up by Pittsburgh PA youve got a mechanic right here...

01-04-09, 07:57 PM
No idea what my plans are as of yet. I can see the need for it, I just don't know how I plan on going about it. All of these thoughts have crossed my mind.

Right now I'm plenty busy here in Ontario- I've got 2 cars done on my yard, another 6 waiting on my yard, and 3 more on the list.

I'm getting cars from all around the Great Lakes and possibly have one coming from Canada's west coast. One's in my driveway with Ohio plates, and did one from NJ not long ago. Nothing from PA yet.

Hardly anyone who's done a Northstar in the past really wants to tackle another one. For some reason I prefer working on one particular vehicle- the more you do of the same thing, the quicker it seems to go and the more efficient you become at it.

I'm coming up with a plan- it's already forming in my mind. I may need some members from these forums as business partners in the future. But I'll say this: Anyone who I choose to head an operation somewhere in the USA will have to be just as picky as I am. Every single nut and bolt gets replaced. Every bracket and shield, goes back where it came from, anything that looks like it will fail soon gets brought to the owner's attention. No marks on the paint ANYWHERE.

There's no way in hell I'll ever be able to fix all of the Northstars out there myself. Give me time, and access to affordable Northstar repairs will be made available across the USA. Anyone interested in being a part of this, should the need arise, PM me.

01-04-09, 10:29 PM
well i can take care of advertising. from a sign and POP stand point.
signs, banners, door decals, glass writing. anything

01-04-09, 11:37 PM
I love the fact that your trying to extend your businese to the US and you might also consider a transmission repair offer with the HG repair price since it also requires similar extensive labor(I think).