: Brasington Cadillac = Palm Chevrolet

12-26-08, 01:50 PM
To whom it may concern: One of CF's well-used online parts dealers, Brasington Cadillac/Oldsmobile of Gainesville, FL, (www.gmotors.com (http://www.gmotors.com)) has closed its doors and is now affiliated with Palm Chevrolet in Gainesville. The parts ordering and website remain essentially the same. The parts people are the same Cadillac personnel as before. (Brasington is one of the GM/Cadillac dealership casualties that needed to consolidate in order to remain in business.)

We're outta here to head back to MD over Sunday/Monday - nice Christmas - long drive for 4 days of family visit......

03-19-09, 05:39 PM
This little piece of automotive news has been presented in a couple of Seville/Deville threads........still germane.

03-19-09, 07:49 PM
Huh, who knew. I was in the Caribbean when this was posted so I'm glad someone brought this post back to the top. I had no idea.

Thanks Sub