: Camshaft install bolt pattern

12-25-08, 01:32 PM
I have a 2000 Deville, and was wondering if anyone knows the bolt tightening pattern and bolt torqe information for the engine. Thanks

12-25-08, 01:55 PM
There are so many torque settings and bolt patterns in a Northstar that you need either a Helm/GM Factory Service Manual or subscribe your car to www.alldatadiy.com (http://www.alldatadiy.com).

For the cams, the bearing halves are torqued exactly like connecting rods: each pair of cap bolts is torqued individually. The sprockets are different still.

12-25-08, 06:03 PM
Sorry, I guess I wasn't clear with my question. I am not looking for specs for the entire engine. All I would like is information on reinstalling the cams. I would like to know the pattern, and how many ft. pounds each bolt should be torqued to. I would also like to know how many stages each should be tightened down in. I was hoping that someone might have a scan of that section of a shop manual, or know somewhere online that I could view a PDF with this info, without having to subscribe. Thanks again

12-26-08, 12:02 PM
Go here


Then go to the auto repair reference section then find your car. Go to the specifications link and you will find a drawing and the torque specs.

12-26-08, 01:37 PM
Nice site! Thanks for the info