: Cadillac eldorado manufactured for the Japanese Market

12-25-08, 04:43 AM
I just joined the COG this evening, after purchasing what I believe is a 1995 Eldorado. I say "believe" as usually the year of a vehicle in Japan is determined by the registration date and not the VIN. I have the title which is for the most part in Japanese, however I do not see a 17-digit VIN listed anywhere. The vehicle is to be delivered to my home near Yokosuka, Japan on Saturday. I did note the label affixed at the front underside of the hood which indicates the vehicle meets all Federal EPA regulations; but did not observe nor was there a NHTSA plate on the passenger-side door. Regardless, my question is this, and thank you for your time. Do 1993, 1994, and/or 1995 Cadillac Eldorados, regardless of eventual destination overseas, meet all required U.S. specifications (DoT, EPA, others...) for re-entry/use in the United States? I would like to bring this one home with me when I return to the U.S. in several years. Merry Christmas!

01-28-09, 11:49 AM
Bump for a response, I live in Guam and want to by a used 1997-2000 STS or Eldorado and get it shipped here. My question is also are these models compliant with the NHTSA.