: 87 Brougham courtesy lights on when doors shut

12-24-08, 01:34 AM
Hi, I've searched and can only find one post sort of like mine, battery draining, Anyway, when the shift lever is placed in park you can hear the clicking and clunking of the security locks, the security light comes on steady, then when the car is turned off and the driver door is closed after getting out, the interior courtesy lights stay on, all night until the battery is dead, sometimes. Sometimes not.

My wife who has the mechanical skill of a Goldfish has figured a way to jiggle the shift lever and get out and have the system work correctly everytime.

yes, I made sure the dimmer and light time delay relay is off. My problem appears to be in the shift lever area, maybe? I think this because when you place it in park, you can wiggle the shift lever and make the door locks go open and down for two or three times, then nothing. Further wiggling does nothing.


And what is the easiest way to disarm this system if I need a new shift switch, which isn't happening.. thanks

12-24-08, 05:09 PM
I would verify the shift linkage bushings are not worn out or missing. While your wife wiggles the gear shift, you watch the linkage under hood from the bottom of the steering column to the trans. I'll bet either they are worn out or the linkage needs a slight adjustment. This linkage passes very close to the exhaust and and also gets soaked with road oil, so its likely they're worn.