: torque spec needed pls!

12-24-08, 01:16 AM
thanks to all who posts diy's with pics:bouncy:! i'll be doing my own differential, transfer case and tranny fluid flush. anyone happen to know the torque specs on tightening the rear differential cover and the tranny oil pan cover? i appreciate any help.

12-24-08, 08:41 AM
Can you also include the oil drain plug too...

12-24-08, 02:13 PM
that too! sooo, anyone:helpless:?

12-24-08, 06:29 PM
If you got a 10.5'' axle, its 17 N.m (13 lbs ft)

If you got a 9.75'' axle its 40 N.m (30 lbs ft)

12-25-08, 12:31 AM
Oil Pan to Transmission Case Bolt 11 Nm (97 lb in)

Engine Oil Pan Drain Plug 25 Nm (18 lb ft)

12-25-08, 02:58 PM
thank you much guys! i'll try to post pics and update when i get to this. merry x-mas:xsmile: