: Source/Recommendations for Rebuilt Northstar Engines?

12-23-08, 04:14 PM
Anyone know sources for Remanufactured N* engines? (Or new) Do you have any experiences or recommendations good or bad for a particular vendor?

Need one for my 2001 STS


12-23-08, 04:21 PM
Try 97EldoCoupe he might have one or two laying around that would fit your needs - only problem, he's in Canada.

12-23-08, 05:52 PM
Hi RW2001STS, After Christmas I'll be picking up some engines that are waiting for me, one is from a 2001 STS. It was using oil so it will be either re-conditioned or rebuilt before I will sell it. Either way it's getting a full inspection and new piston rings, if necessary it will receive a full rebuild.

My warranty on reconditioned / rebuilt engines will be increasing effective Jan. 1st/08 to 3 years/unlimited mileage, covering the entire engine top to bottom. Details will be on my website in the new year.

12-24-08, 02:51 PM
i would assume that for jan 1st 08 you mean 09?

12-24-08, 03:57 PM
Whoops! Too much holiday cheer when I wrote that I guess! :D

Lol yes Jan 1/2009